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Beaven Chronological Record: Thomas Aleyn,¹ Mercer. 1415. Replaced Aghton. Cripplegate, 1415–22. Master Mercers 1416, 1422; (? M.P. East Grinstead 1393, 1413). Will [H.R. 176 (18)] July 8, 1437; enrolled April 15, 1448. [Notes: ¹. Aleyn was acting as Alderman of Cripplegate as early as Dec. 23, 1415 [H.R. 143 (53)].] [Beaven notes (V.I, p. 8, 135): T. Aleyn, was serving for (Cripplegate) Ward as early as December 23, 1415 (H.R. 143 (53)), but Cotton continued to be an Alderman until November 26, 1416 (Journal 1, f. 4 b). Michell left Castle Baynard for Bridge in 1415, as he was Alderman of that Ward on October 5, and his predecessor (N. Aghton) on April 24 in that year (H.R. 143 (37, 31)). Perneys was elected Alderman of Castle Baynard December 18, 1416, very shortly after Cotton's discharge. It will thus be seen that the interval between Aleyn's appearance as Alderman of Cripplegate and Cotton's discharge from the office of Alderman almost exactly corresponds with those between Michell's removal from Castle Baynard to Bridge and the election of Perneys for the former Ward, and it is reasonable to infer that Cotton filled the vacancy which the translation of Michell had created. There is no direct evidence that Cotton was Alderman of Castle Baynard. His successor in Cripplegate, it should be noted, however, that in H.R. 144 (36), Cotton is represented as witnessing a deed relating to property in the parish of St. Alphege, which was in Cripplegate Ward, dated September 11, 1416, nearly nine months after his successor Aleyn is found acting as Alderman of the Ward. There is evidence that Aleyn was present as an Alderman on October 13, 1416 (Journal 1, f. 1. LBI, f. 183), which is an earlier date than that of Cotton's discharge, and it seems to me to be the natural inference that there is an error in the name of the Alderman of the Ward as recorded in H.R. 144 (36), similar errors being clearly demonstrable in some other instances. It is possible that Aleyn may have been prevented by illness or some other reason from acting in September, and that Cotton, as a former Alderman of the same Ward, may have acted for him. The entry in H.R. 144 (36), does not appear to me to be sufficient to outweigh the force of the evidence which, as I have shown in my notes on that Ward, seems to point to Cotton's removal to Castle Beynard in 1415.]

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Duchovni, E.


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