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Paid lay subsidy tax of xl d. Reginald Abel 1300 Form Angl, p. 118 (resident in the house of John le Moyne in St. Michael), 1311 LBD 71 (stockfishmonger, admitted to the Freedom). A case of late admission. - Abel fn.
Ekwall, p. 139 no. 4
Paid lay subsidy tax of xiii s. iiii d. William Abel 1294 Mayors 195 (a stockfishmonger), 1301 Cor 26 (a tenant in Langbourn). Cf. no. 4.
Ekwall, p. 140 no. 8
Served as Alderman. Joce le Acatur, Draper; C. 1282 [Present May 3, 1283, Acting October 9, 1284, Present Aug. 9, 1290]¹; The Ward was vacant on January 22, 1291 [H.R. 20 (8)] [Citations: ¹. LBA, f. 135. H.R. 14 (207). LBA, f. 110.]
Beaven I, 55
Beaven Chronological Record: Joce le Acatur, Draper. c 1283. Replaced Horn. Bridge, c1283–c90. M.P. London, 1283. [Notes: Named as Alderman in the list for c 1286 (LBA, f. 116).]
Beaven I, 376
Served as Alderman. Nicholas Aghton; 1415 [Acting April 24, 1415] (H.R. 143 (37).)
Beaven I, 56
Beaven Chronological Record: Nicholas Aghton (or Ashton),¹ Stockfishmonger. 1415, c Feb. Replaced Askham. Bridge, 1415. Will [H.R. 145 (2)] June 4, 1415; enrolled March 22, 1417. [Notes: ¹. The name is erroneously given as Ashton in some instances in Beaven, V.I.]
Beaven II, 5
Served as Alderman. William Askham, Fishmonger; C. 1407 [Acting March 7, 1407, Present Mar. 7, 1415]¹; From Dowgate. Died 1415 [Citations: ¹. H.R. 134 (123), 142 (72). LBI, f. 287.]
Beaven I, 56
Paid lay subsidy tax of xiii s. iiii d. Luke le Garlecmongger, whose will was enrolled in 1292, left to Leticia his wife tenements in St. Michael, St. Magnus and St. Leonard. He was a stockfishmonger (LBD 43). He is sometimes called Luke le Ayler, e. g. 1287 LBA 167. Ayler is OF aillier 'garlicmonger'. The surname must be an inherited one.
Ekwall, p. 146 no. 94
Paid lay subsidy tax of xl d. John Baldewene, fishmonger 1299-1300 Mayors 63, J. Baldewyne 1305 ib. 229 (fishmonger of Bridge St), 1308 LBC 216. - Baddewin may be miswritten for Baldewin or a case of hypocoristic assimilation.
Ekwall, p. 142 no. 46
Paid lay subsidy tax of xii d. There is a hole in the skin here, and the figures of assessment for nos. 57 and 58 have been almost totally lost. That for no. 57 is probably xij.d. The upper part of an x is visible, and there is only room for ci<< lt >> after it.
Ekwall, p. 215 no. 57
Paid lay subsidy tax of xiii s. iiii d.
Ekwall, p. 141 no. 35
Paid lay subsidy tax of di. mar. Batecote appears to be a hypocoristic form of a woman's name.
Ekwall, p. 215 no. 63
Paid lay subsidy tax of x s. Robert Baudre 1299 LBC 45, R. Baudry, fishmonger 1299-1300 Mayors 63, R. Baudry 1319 S [Bridge 62], R. Baudri 1332 S (16d.). He may have taken his surname from Baudrey the Fishmonger (1252-3 ADA 1912), who held a tenement in St. Botolph Billingsgate, of which Robert was later a tenant.
Ekwall, p. 144 no. 70
Paid lay subsidy tax of xl d. See 1292 S [Bridge 70].
Ekwall, p. 215 no. 62
Paid lay subsidy tax of x s. One Thomas Beauflour, vintner, is mentioned from 1303 on (LBC 134), but he may have been of Vintry. One Thomas Beauflour was an exporter of wool in 1315 f. (Cl, Pat). The surname is clearly French.
Ekwall, p. 211 no. 2
Paid lay subsidy tax of xl s. Adam de Bekenesfeld, called de Fulham 1303-4 Will (fishmonger, of St. Magnus), perhaps Adam de Fulham the younger, fishmonger 1290 Pat. The alternative surname is no doubt that of an earlier master; cf. Var 29 f. - Beaconsfield Bk.
Ekwall, p. 140 no. 19
Paid lay subsidy tax of ii s. Richard Bene 1301 Cor 20 (a tenant in All Hallows the Less). - Bene may mean 'the bean' or be derived from ME bene 'pleasant, genial'.
Ekwall, p. 140 no. 14
Paid lay subsidy tax of xxvi s. viii d. John le Benere c. 1274 ADC 1813 (a tenant in St. Magnus), 1297 LBB 237 (representative Bridge), 1299-1300 Mayors 63 (fishmonger), 1304 LBB 141 (warden of London Bridge), 1311-12 LBD 281 (deceased). Sometimes called J. le Bevere, e. g. 1290 Pat, 1306 ADC 2400. Joan la Benere, his wife, was a sister of Margaret, wife of Hugh Pourte [no. 77]. - Bevere may be ME bever 'beaver', while Benere might mean 'one who grows or sells beans' (Thuresson 44).
Ekwall, p. 145 no. 85
Paid lay subsidy tax of ii s. Arnald de Berdene 1309 LBD 42 (chandler, admitted to the Freedom, Bridge), 1311 ib. 160, A. le Chaundeler 1332 S (2s. 8d.), 1339 Cor 229 (juror Bridge). - Berden Ess.
Ekwall, p. 216 no. 80
Paid lay subsidy tax of xl d. Adam Bernard 1299 Mayors 42 (juror with no. 28).
Ekwall, p. 146 no. 99
Paid lay subsidy tax of xl d. John le Blund, stokfisshmongere 1311-12 LBD 166.
Ekwall, p. 144 no. 63
Paid lay subsidy tax of xiii s. iiii d. Probably Richard, brother of Walter le Blund, stockfishmonger, mentioned in the latter's will of 1291; cf. no. 62. Blung miswritten for Blund.
Ekwall, p. 140 no. 11
Paid lay subsidy tax of xl d. If Dono may be a hypocoristic form of Drew (Drugo), Drw le Bocher 1319 LBE 109, Druet Sharp 1323 ib. 183 (butcher of Eastcheap), Drugo Sharpe 1329-30 ib. 279.
Ekwall, p. 211 no. 8
Paid lay subsidy tax of iii s. Bodham Nf.
Ekwall, p. 143 no. 52
Paid lay subsidy tax of xxvi s. viii d. John de Bois, fishmonger 1290 Pat, J. de Boys 1305 Mayors 229 (fishmonger of Bridge St).
Ekwall, p. 144 no. 73

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